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Begin Slideshow In the kingdom of movie genres, drama films are wrenching, tear-jerking, and eligible for Academy Awards. Action movies will get your heart rate up, and then exit your mind upon leaving the theater.

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MGM Where did these movies go? The last one feels especially relevant: why go out to the theater to see Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas in a sex scene when you can stream far more explicit sexual acts right from your laptop? The choice, for many , was obvious. The last gasp of the '90s erotic thriller may have come with the arrival of Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction, an embarrassing film that attempted to re-spark an old flame by pairing Sharon Stone with the very-much-not-Michael Douglas-like David Morrissey.

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Ang Lee followed up his acclaimed romance Brokeback Mountain with another controversial film: an erotic espionage-themed drama in which a Chinese woman sets out to seduce a Japanese official in an attempt to assassinate him. Stranger by the Lake Amazon Franck is a handsome young man who spends his idle summer days on a lakeside beach that's serves as a popular cruising spot for gay men. He spots another gorgeous man he's like to know, but his affections are complicated when he witnesses the object of his desire drowning another man in the water—which begins a complicated, psychosexual love affair.

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