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Hard and Heavy Computer Music Hey y'all, sup? Note the southern inflection, in honor of the sick group Computer Club out of Birmingham, Alabama. An amalgam of Gigantor and Evol Intent, both drum n' bass masters, Computer Club mixes disco, electro and their originals and remixes to great success; they even somehow manage to blend Nine Inch Nails and Boys Noize. Let's start with some originals: Bizarre Love Triangle , a remix of the New Wave hit back in the day, has been stuck on repeat for a while.

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Meet Kira, she's all that stuff I just wrote and more. Normally I talk to the girls for 5 -' minutes or so while we drive and I get into their sexual history and turn ons etc.

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My verbal attempts to get his attention were drowned out by his voice as he continued. Or maybe he just chose to ignore me. "Over the next two years, I hooked up with girls from those meetings. But for one reason or another, it never worked out.

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"Oh, my God, Chris. How could she. How could you?" I rose up on my knees, putting a little more distance between us.

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I swear. " He mumbled something against my skin that sounded like a warning not to make promises I couldn't keep before resuming. I just sighed, unable to resist the wave of pleasure drifting over me. After a long moment of nuzzling and licking on his end which had us both moaning, he rested his chin in the valley between my breasts and sighed as well.

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