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The trio, composed of Kazu Makino and Italian twin brothers Amedeo and Simone Pace, has created an album perfectly suited for welcoming summer winds in thinning pieces of clothing. Its first track begins with a progressive beat accompanied by subtle Japanese-accented English vocals by Makino, who also joins Amedeo in playing one of the two guitars. After rocking out for more than a decade and the unavoidable band-member metamorphosis, the core of Blonde Redhead still retains its original sound with huff-and-puff vocals that are accented by pulsing guitar and drums. Strangeluv," the strongest track on the album, incites a kind of hope with leaping hellos into the following tracks and is met with the struggle found within "The Dress.

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Take that any way you want, because it applies. The mix of cultural backgrounds that the members of Blonde Redhead provide surely influences their sound. How much more unlikely does it get than two Italian twins who actually grew up in Canada and a Japanese girl who relocated to the US for study purposes meeting each other and forming a band in New York" From there, they took influence from no wave bands and picked up Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley to do their producing.

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B i o g r a p h y by Stevie Chick Blonde Redhead's last album - Misery Is A Butterfly - established them once and for all as one of the most distinctive and precious bands of their generation. It was a confident, thrilling and delicately-nuanced sweep of sound which enraptured the already-converted and won the band a whole new legion of fans. And although it marked a modulation away from the bittersweet starkness of previous releases, it was by far the most commercially successful release of the band's career, continuing a steady upward trajectory, which started well over a decade ago. In , Blonde Redhead return with something even more spellbinding -

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Blonde redhead my impure hair lyrics
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