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The Cronenberg-esque body horror drama was developed over the course of nine years. Jack and Diane, which made its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year and is currently in limited release, is one of the few films that focus on women falling in love with women. Grey talked about his inspiration for the experimental feature, how he attempted to capture the lesbian experience, and how audiences have reacted to the film.

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After unsuccessfully begging several strangers to use their phones to call her aunt, she wanders into a small clothing boutique, where she meets swaggering skater-girl Jack Riley Keogh. The two are immediately attracted to other, so instead of calling her aunt, Diane goes to a club with Jack. There, the two share their first kiss. But first, Diane perplexingly turns into a werewolf in the club bathroom.

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Plot[ edit ] Diane suffers from chronic nosebleeds. She checks herself in a mirror and transforms into a monster before falling unconscious. Earlier, she walks in the streets trying to borrow a cellphone in order to call her twin sister Karen. Having no luck, she enters a clothing store and asks to use a phone.

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"Holly?" He squatted in front of me, pressing the back one hand to my cheeks before gently taking my hands in his, lightly rubbing back and forth. "Honey, you're freezing.

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