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Sexual behaviour in children and young people Sexual behaviour in children and young people It is natural for children to express their sexuality and their interest in the differences between the sexes through their behaviour. Children are curious and always wanting to learn.

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Westend61 via Getty Images It's important for kids to feel that they can come to you with any questions. Talking to your child about masturbation may feel a little awkward, embarrassing or even deeply uncomfortable. But these are necessary conversations for parents who want to raise kids with a healthy understanding of sex and their bodies.

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It occurs in children between the age of 3 months and 3 years with a second peak incidence at about the adolescent age. A month-old child presented to us with gratification behavior. On evaluation, she did not have any physical illness mimicking gratification behavior. The parents were counseled, and 6 sessions of behavior therapy were carried out.

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Above all, avoid conveying that these are bad body parts. Later sexual hang-ups are often due to mishandling of early sexual issues by overzealous but well-meaning adults. These parents, because they themselves were shamed, frightened, and punished, may never have come to terms with their own sexuality. When masturbation is normal.

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