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Know what insects are invading your space! Bees, Wasps, and Hornets Common insects that you'll encounter Most encounters with insects occur near the home or out and about and involve interactions with insects at their nests or when they are seeking forage. The design of this page is to help you identify what you are encountering and what to expect as far as defensiveness of insects which tends to be the biggest concern. In addition, we will do all that we can to help you distinguish honey bees from other insects.

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Play media Large bee fly in early springtime video, 2m 10s The adult is 14 to 18 millimetres 0. It has dark patches on the anterior half of the wings and long hairy legs that dangle while in flight.

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All U. They are interested in plants and flowers.

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The queen bumblebee typically chooses a nest site that is on or under the ground. She lays her eggs, and 10 days later a relatively small number of worker bees is born. These workers gather nectar and pollen, make honey, and care for the nest and young.

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When to see them: March-July. Nesting habits: Cavities above ground. ID tips: Ginger thorax, black abdomen and a white tail.

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