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Log in or register to post comments I never had a hymen Betty never had a hymen. When I shared with my mother that hymens thin out and break apart with the release of estrogen during puberty, she was relieved. She was a virgin when she got married and always wondered why she didn't bleed after her first intercourse.

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Is hymen rupture painful and accompanied by bleeding? Every girl's hymen has an individual structure, which is why bleeding and pain can be strong, weak, or absent altogether.

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Hymens can come in different shapes. The most common hymen in young women is shaped like a half moon. This shape allows menstrual blood to flow out of the vagina. Imperforate hymen: An imperforate hymen can sometimes be diagnosed at birth.

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Click a button to go to a popular page on this site: Illustrations of the hymen in various states This shows the names of the parts of the vulva. The rest of the illustrations do not have labels.

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