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Some of their views seemed revolutionary. The stethoscope should be relegated to the Smithsonian,? Harvey Eisenberg, former professor of Radiology at U. The new full body CT scan,?

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Out of Production First Look The first F4U Corsairs were developed in the late s which featured the visually unique gull wing design. This was the result of an engineering trade-off to provide the longest propeller and the shortest practical landing gear strut. For carrier landings, the longer the strut, the heavier and more vulnerable the gear is to impact stresses.

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By Michael Benolkin History Loads have been written about this first operation jet fighter that the Luftwaffe quickly pressed into service. Thankfully Adolf Hitler saw his prized Blitz Bomber in this aircraft and held it back from the Luftwaffe's much-needed air defense missions. Despite this operational setback for the Luftwaffe, General Adolf Galland used his influence to acquire a handful of Me s to attack the allied bombers, followed soon by a handful of Fw D-9s to protect these Me s from the fury of the Mustangs and Thunderbolts that began to prey on these jets while they were vulnerable - whilst landing. Much has been written about the consequences on the war had the Me entered service as a fighter from the beginning.

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