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Adult attachment style measures

One important issue is the selection of a practical and reliable attachment measure that therapists can rely on in couple therapy. Experiences in Close Relationships data were also used to establish four clusters based on the scores of the two dimen- sions. The Experiences in Close Relationships and Attachment Style Prototype categories were related in meaningful ways; however, Attachment Style Prototype was less effective in detecting a group of insecurely attached individuals who tended to self-identify as securely attached.

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Main articles: Attachment in children and Attachment theory Some methods are based on observation of infants and toddlers either in natural or 'arranged' situations. Other methods, suitable for older children, are based on asking children to complete "attachment story stems," draw a picture of their family, or describe their relationships.

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Content uploaded by Naseem Ahmad Author content All content in this area was uploaded by Naseem Ahmad on Aug 11, Content may be subject to copyright. The four attachment styles namely secure, avoidant insecure, ambivalent insecure, and disorganized insecure attachment proposed by Mary Ainsworth , Main and Soloman Disorganized- insecure attachment. The items are constructed on socio-cultural and educational circumstances of the individuals using mix strategy for construction of the scale by selecting the items from various attachment scales and by writing some original items.

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