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Her signature style, sparkling personality and wit, angelic voice, and songwriting abilities are well-known. She's extremely likable, which is evident in every public appearance, guest spot, talk show, or interview she's a part of.

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Parton known as "Lee" worked in the mountains of east Tennessee, first as a sharecropper and later tending his own small farm and acreage. He also worked temporary side jobs to make ends meet. Her 11 pregnancies the tenth being twins in 20 years made her a mother of 12 by age

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Tweet Pin it There's no denying that Dolly Parton has that star quality about her — even when she was young. Of course, the only thing that catches your eye more than Dolly's natural charm are her towering wigs, followed closely by her blinding stage outfits. After hearing her on the radio and watching her TV shows for more than six decades, we still haven't tired of her spellbinding showmanship. Outside of her decades-long music and film career, Dolly is warm, caring, and good-hearted.

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We'd played in similar ways before, and I'd held out for longer than I'd expected I would. I just didn't know how long he was going to draw it out this time. Who would give in first. Sudden movement at my waist had me gasping louder.

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It's still two days away. " His words.

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An offer. I've been mulling it over. I really want to accept, but I feel like I've already been at the receiving end of her good graces for too long.

There is no way I could ever pay her back.

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