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I was my neighbourhood sex toy….. In the moment my interactions seem so vivid but then as time passes I find myself grasping for shards that now seem so distant in all but my shame. I carried and still carry with me the shame of being a victim of child on child sexual assault, one of the most taboo and ignored topics under the assault umbrella.

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He did bring me back to his family, but I was always treated differently. My mommy home-schooled me, and never allowed me to go outside with the neighborhood children. When we ate meals together, they made me eat on the floor next to the dinner table.

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Fucking me from behind and under me. I came again on his command, barely grunting acknowledgement at his multiple requests if I was okay.

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His other hand stroked my chin. I dropped my jaw and used my drool to help stroke him fast and hard. His grip on my hair tightened almost painfully a few seconds later, and then he was coming in my mouth, his eyes clenched tight. Interspersed with his grunts were broken attempts of my name.

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I just sighed, unable to resist the wave of pleasure drifting over me. After a long moment of nuzzling and licking on his end which had us both moaning, he rested his chin in the valley between my breasts and sighed as well. "I dated a girl who worked in a tattoo parlor. Her group of friends embraced the punk rock style.

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